Spare Parts

If THR Marine winches are regularly maintained according to the instruction book, THR Marine can guarantee many years of productive operation. However, after several years of use, certain parts of the winchmay require servicing. According to Murphy’s Law, however, replacement or repair of theseparts will always be required in the most difficult circumstances.

THR Marine has designed a service procedure to assist you when you need help. The main goal of our service team is to have the vessel on its route with minimal time loss.

The THR Marine Global Services is driven by two aspects:

  • Prevention of time loss
  • Worldwide delivery of parts

Failure of an essential part of the winch may result in losses due a delay in a port or even missing the next charter.

To prevent excessive delays in the delivery of parts, the THR Marine winch has been constructed of components from reliable suppliers with service points in major ports across the world. This will normally reduce the repair time to just a few hours.

You can contact THR Marine about the needed spare parts by email:

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