Technical Support


There is only one thing that counts for you and your crew and that is continuity. Down time is simply out of the question, the vessel has to keep moving. Therefore THR Marine never ceases to invest in Research & Development – every day has to yield improvement.

It’s why we always keep Design & Engineering in house: we know and guarantee what we make. It is also the reason for making a move from products to services over the coming years. We do more than supply top-quality equipment, we make sure that everything does what it should do with an intelligent mix of monitoring, preventive maintenance and repairs on site.

Anywhere in the world, at any time of the day. The crew can count on us.

For this reason, THR Marine is on stand-by 24 hours a day. In urgent cases, our service engineer can be reached by mail: mailto:service@thrmarine.com. Using this e-mail address will guarantee a quick response and, if necessary, immediate action will be taken.

Continuity counts

To make sure we can give you the support you need on board all around the world we have certified service stations in the important area’s were the vessels will sail. This ensures a quick response of our service team all around the world.